New cartoons, Nov. 22

Today’s themes:
Another visit to the Technology Transfer Office, sports for bacteria, and ALIEN ABDUCTIONS

  1. In fond memory of Fotis C. Kafatos, my former boss – an extraordinary human being, a scientist who dreamed of being a poet, a great mentor and friend, who died on Nov. 17. Fotis was a pioneer in studies of the mosquito immune system and efforts to combat malaria through resistant strains of Anopheles. And he had a beautiful laugh.

2.  “The score was tied between the GRAM-NEGATIVES and GRAM-POSITIVES in the finals of the BEACH VIRALBALL TOURNAMENT… when DISASTER STRUCK!”



New cartoons for November 21!

Today’s themes: A chromosomal Christmas calendar,
neurons sing James Brown,
and fine dining for macrophages!

1. Coming for December: the Chromosomal Christmas calendar!
For each day of the holiday season,
discover a strange new fact about the human genome
– presented by human and molecular celebrities.

German versions will be available on the MDC website

2.  Introducing: Mr. James Brown! 3.  Fine dining for macrophages…

Celebrating blog post #201 with new cartoons…

Today’s topics: the synaptic dialogues continue, transcriptional humor, and a nuclear pore or two…

If you see any biology nerds lurking around,
or know one, or accidentally hit one with a pie,
please tell them about the site!

Feel free to use any images you like,
just cite copyright 2017 by Russ Hodge,

  1. The Synaptic dialogues continue…!

  2. And a little transcriptional humor…

3.  Nuclear pores & such

More technology transfer cartoons…

More from the OTTers (officers of technology transfer) today… This series is dedicated to my friends in the field, in honor of their patience as they encounter pitches that are… well, a generous way to put it would be “creative”. Often the first step in a project is to reach up and snag a basic researcher and tie him or her firmly to the ground, so they don’t end up sailing toward the stratosphere like a helium balloon. Because we know what happens to those.

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