The cartoons are BACK!

Today’s themes:  Perks for immune system cops, and more synaptic dialogues…






Post # 250! New cartoons!

Today’s topics:  Forecasting pain and microtubule madness!

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Long night of sciences on Saturday at the MDC in Berlin-Buch – come by for a visit

Dear friends,

Once again the MDC is participating in the Long Night of Sciences in Berlin, this Saturday, June 9, from 4-9 pm. Please come by and see my stand in the foyer of the MDCC. This year the theme is a new children’s book I have just written on the topic of evolution:

Charlie & Fitzroy
& the very strange bugs

a book about Evolution for kids

Every day Charlie and her pet beagle Fitzroy take a walk through the woods. One day they discover some strange bugs. By watching them over a few weeks, they discover the basic principles of evolution. Along the way they make friends with a strange old man with a long white beard…

I’d love to get feedback from scientists, teachers, kids, and especially anybody in the publishing business about the next steps in producing this book!